Some arguments in the favor of little neck daycare

A learned and experienced nanny can provide early education to a toddler at her home. The nanny would attend the child at home and in this way prevent the child from the hassle of visiting a day care center. Also hiring a nanny would be more cost effective than a daycare facility.

Why send your child to daycare center?

At little neck daycare, your toddler will learn to interact with outside world. Do you think that it is possible at home where she sees things not meant for her? At an institution, she will see other toddlers and try imitating them. Also she will get many toys that are not only safe but educative as well. But you can buy toys for your toddler then what is the need to send her to an institution?

How much time do you think the nanny would spend with your child? The nanny would become bore after an hour or two and also the nanny won’t be able to provide much help in the closed doors. What if she wants to take the child to a park to teach her environment science? Even a learned nanny can’t provide education without tools.


Prepare your child for formal kindergarten education

When you are at office and busy with your work, you forget about your child. You feel happy that your child is in the safe custody of an experienced nanny. But you forget about education. For you, toddler is no age for education. If you go to a little neck daycare, you can see how eager toddlers are for education.

Toddlers can’t understand rules of grammar or formulas of mathematics but they do recognize colors and feel weight. They are scared of big size but they smile at tiny objects. They can differentiate between objects from their shapes, sizes and colors and they can understand functionality of things they can hold.

Motor and mental development of toddlers

Your child has great potential but she doesn’t recognize her strength. What your nanny does is she only takes physical care of the child. What a little neck daycare would do is it will provide your toddler an opportunity to develop her motor skills and intelligence. She will be able to hold pencil and draw lines before others.

If you compare advantages of sending your child in a center with advantages of hiring a nanny then you will find that former is more advantageous than latter.

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